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We are Scandinavian Business Centre located in Alingås, the fika capital of Sweden.  Our journey started out renting office space to local businesses and we have now grown to become an eclectic ecosystem including:


  • Paperland: 60 years of experience in the gift wrap business (find out more...)
  • Peace6: Web design, content strategy and Swedish-English translation services (find out more...)
  • Eurobrick: Partners with Europe's leading manufacturers of high quality building materials (find out more...)
  • Warehouse clearance: a huge array of new and used items from warehouse clearances (find out more...)




At Paperland we believe that wrapping paper is the gift before the gift.  A beautifully wrapped present gives pleasure to both the giver and the receiver!


Whether you are an individual, a small business that offers a gift wrapping service or someone who is looking to partner with us we have sourced some of the best gift wrap paper from across Europe.  Buy a single roll, a multipack or in bulk (half and full pallets) from a business with over 60 years in the gift wrap business.  We also supply paper wrapping dispensers for shopping centers, 9 assorted counter rolls for your store and a creative kit for the children to make their own wrapping paper!


Please visit us at http://www.paperland-sweden.com or call us on +46 - (0)322 - 200 355 .




Whether you are an individual or a small to medium enterprise, present your products, services or ideas to the world.   If you need a simple website to get your message out there or you want to start selling your goods and services online there are cost effective design and build methods, processes and tools that will help deliver an engaging and seamless customer experience without a hefty price tag.


Visit us at www.peace6.com or call Andrew on 0762 80 57 88.



Through partnerships with Europe's leading manufacturers of landscaping materials we have a high quality and extensive product range for projects large and small, traditional and contemporary.  All of our products are tested in factory laboratories and meet the requirements of all applicable European directives relating to safety, quality and the environment.


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or looking for a professional installer, Eurobrick can provide all the practical advice and support you need to get the best results from your garden, patio or driveway project.


Visit our website at www.eurobrick.se or call us on +46 - (0)322 - 200 355 to discover the full range of products and services.

Warehouse clearance


We believe that a circular economy where products are re-furbished, re-used or re-cycled is good for the planet.  If we can prevent it from going into landfill we will!  We have thousands of items from warehouse clearances including industrial machinery, domestic appliances, domestic and commercial furniture, party bags, egg cookers, windows and doors and garden lighting systems.


We usually post items for sale in various places including:






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If you would like to get in touch with us at Scandinavian Business Center to enquire about any of our products and services or to have a chat about partnering with us please fill in the form below or call us on +46 - (0)322 - 200 355